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Episode 8 – Guest Tom Hegna on What Makes a Top Advisor?

Adaptability, mentorship, sacrifices, and knowledge are just a few things that make a great wealth advisor.

In this episode, Brad Swineheart, and guest Tom Hegna, economist, author, and retirement expert, discuss several hard and soft skills financial professionals should have in order to succeed in their practice. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tom’s advice for advisors adapting to a new virtual business model 
  • How having mentors and attending training can lead you to become a top financial producer 
  • How to avoid getting the “I will think about it” answer from prospects 
  • Market update and what should advisors be paying attention to right now
  • And more!

Tune to discover Tom’s take on the different things you can do to become a top advisor! 

Resources: White Glove | Brad Swineheart | Tom Hegna