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Mastering Your Digital Outreach with Jeremy Houser (Ep. 59)

Advisors, when was the last time you moved one of your processes online for greater client outreach and accessibility?

In this episode, Brad Swineheart is joined by Jeremy Houser, VP, Senior Advisor Development Consultant at InsurMark and creator of the Advisor Mentorship Program (AMP), to talk about all things marketing. 

Brad and Jeremy dive into the world of marketing for financial advisors while exploring the value of webinars, meetings, and online messaging to further grow and develop your business.

Brad and Jeremy discuss: 

  • The benefits of moving towards a more virtual business model
  • Some reasons why you might want to consider podcasting if you have clients who are not able to meet you in person
  • The value of elevating your digital outreach (and digital footprint) game and ways it can help you (effectively) connect with clients in the virtual realm 
  • Ways advisors (like you!) can effectively leverage and manage your time by outsourcing your marketing efforts
  • How to determine your marketing budget
  • And more!


Connect with Jeremy Houser:

Connect with Brad Swineheart:

About Our Guest:

As a trusted consultant and advisor to the financial professionals he serves, Jeremy Houser is committed to helping you professionalize all aspects of your practice and unlock your full potential. 

In early 2018, Jeremy identified a clear gap in service and support for advisors across the nation and built the Advisor Mentorship Program (AMP) to address and close it. One of his passions within AMP is to help advisors refine their own processes and attract clients instead of chasing them. 

Today, this pro­gram continues to help a select group of advisors stay focused on achieving consistent growth while adding value to their practice and de­veloping Business Alpha through the resources available through InsurMark.

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Episode 26 – The New Environment of Effective Marketing — with Guest Rebecca Hourihan

Effective marketing can take an advisor’s practice to new levels—but what does that look like with the many redefined styles of marketing?

In this episode, Brad Swineheart is joined by Rebecca Hourihan AIF®, chief marketing officer at 401(k) Marketing to discuss how advisors can invest their time into their digital reputation without losing sight of the importance of nurturing their relationships.

You will learn:

  • Why advisors should start by identifying three business goals and create a marketing strategy around those goals
  • What advisors should invest in for new business growth opportunities in a hybrid environment
  • The first step to take in marketing to your target audience
  • And more!

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